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Complex Fatigue
Environmental Illness
Functional Gut disorders
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A GP you see for wellness, not illness.

Dr Anjana is a highly qualified Integrative doctor who specialises in personalised medicine. This means she focuses on you––the real person in front of her––not just ‘the patient’ or ‘the illness’.


She combines the traditional foundations of a General Practitioner with a toolbox of progressive, evidence-based holistic practices, which means Dr Anjana can tailor testing and treatment models to fit who you are.


Her integrative approach to medicine is what makes her personally unique, but also brings purpose and meaning to your treatment. She incorporates food as medicine, acknowledges the mind-body connection and gives you choice beyond pharmaceutical means.


Like a personal detective, Anjana works alongside you to connect a detailed web of history, habits and lifestyle factors: things often missed by other disciplines. She hones in to find deep-seeded causes in complex cases, and the best-fitting solutions for your life.


She’s also genuinely personable and warmly well spoken. Her undivided attention is something rarely found in practice today.

Anjana’s the kind of doctor who helps you feel completely yourself because she’s genuinely invested in helping you feel well again.

Her Purpose is to look for underlying Causes (not cases), focusing on true wellness (not illness) and Empower real people (not patients)


We are committed to providing a comprehensive approach to your health issues.

We believe that it is essential to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Our experienced team of healthcare professionals will work with you to identify the underlying cause of your health concerns and develop a plan that addresses them. 

Dr Anjana is an Integrative (Functional) doctor.  Integrative doctors are qualified medical doctors who understand the body as an integrated system, rather than a collection of independent organs.  This holistic approach aims to understand the underlying cause of medical illness. 


An integral aspect of Integrative medicine is the patient doctor therapeutic relationship.  Dr Anjana takes the time to listen and understand her patient’s histories, lifestyles, environmental exposures and genetic risk factors to understand how these may influence their health and chronic medical conditions. 


Clinical investigations into patient’s physiology, biochemistry, gut microbiome and hormonal balance are used to understand the patient. From this knowledge a personalised treatment plan is created which will include diet and lifestyle changes as well as a mineral and herbal supplement program and/or prescribed medications. Dr Anjana embraces both allopathic (conventional) and holistic medicine.

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