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Dr Anjana's approach towards Medicine is based on the basic understanding that we are each a unique  combination of our genetic, physiological, biochemical, environmental, emotional and spiritual experiences.

She aspires to collaborate the best of the integrative, functional, holistic medical worlds and marry them with traditional medical knowledge to provide the best outcomes for her patients.  She incorporates clinical evidence based scientific research to functional investigations of her patients with the intention to identify underlying disease processes. 

As health and wellbeing is multifaceted, Dr Anjana believes in drawing on the skills of various allied health professionals.  Dr Anjana's approach to medicine is to have the patient at the centre of care, and create a team of health professionals to help manage patients unique needs.  She regularly cross refers to qualified and experienced naturopaths, nutritionists, chinese medical doctors, acupuncturists, herbalists, psychologists and encourages the incorporation of meditation, yoga and exercise into ones lifestyle.  Her team of allied health professionals are hand picked based on experience, qualifications and value systems.

Dr Anjana truly believes that medicine is moving towards a greater appreciation of each individuals unique make up.  The one sized fit all approach to medicine, pharmaceutical prescribing and treatments, will in time be replaced with personalized scientific investigations and managements to identify the specific causes of peoples health issues.  This will result in personalised treatment plans to optimise health.

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