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An Integrative doctor's perspective...

I must begin by saying that this blog reflects my thoughts which are based on my experiences of health and medicine in my clinic and my reading of both books and published articles.... but does not in anyway represent absolute fact I don't believe any person can proclaim absolute truth or that a singular perspective exists on any health issue.

Multiple perspectives exist and there are multiple paths to health. The better we are at listening to our patients and other health practitioners that get both positive and negative outcomes the better we get at to discovering the best path. Often what is best can be different for each patient....and therein lies the " art of medicine".

'Multiple perspectives exists and I believe there are multiple paths to health"

In medical school we are often taught black and white linear protocols but I've found that though they are invaluable in the framework that I use to work with my patients.....I have found there is so much of medicine in the grey and unknown zone . The more I learn the more I realise how much we don't know and I think approaching each case with yes...the wisdom of yesterday but also a beginners mind of curiosity is key.

There is equal value of conventional medicine and integrative medicine. There is truth in both worlds of integrative and conventional medicine and I strive to use the best in approaches from both for my individual patient .

This blog posts are not there to treat or diagnose. Please always consult a medical practitioner in regards to any health concerns you have. If you would like to make an appointment please contact us on

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