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Our Team .


(Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) & Master of Public Health (Global and Indigenous Health Streams)

Adrian and Dr Anjana have been working with each other for over 7 years. Through this partnership they have developed a natural synergistic therapeutic relationship with their clients which harnesses each others strengths to provide excellent quality care.

Adrian is a Naturopath, MINDD, M.A.P.S, SIBO and Yoga Therapy Practitioner in clinical practice for the past ten years, working within integrative medicine for the majority of this time. He has a particular interest in Functional Digestive Conditions and Microbiome Health along with complex chronic health conditions including Mould / Biotoxin Illness and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


He personally became involved in naturopathic medicine due to his own health journey with chronic kidney disease. This demonstrated the power of natural medicine. Due to this experience he also has a special interest in chronic kidney disease and chronic renal failure. He utilises a range of modalities including nutrition, herbal medicine, food as medicine, lifestyle medicine and yoga therapy. 


He has completed Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) from Southern School of Natural Therapies and a Master of Public Health (Global and Indigenous Health Streams) from the University of Melbourne. He has lectured in Naturopathy and Nutrition at Southern School of Natural Therapies and completed a number of Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapy trainings in Australia and India

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